Nonprofit Religious Organizations

church cpa firmRoselli, Clark & Associates is an emerging provider of audits and other accounting services to religious organizations. For 10 years, the Firm has provided services to several of the largest Episcopal churches in eastern Massachusetts and continues to expand its client base in that area. The Firm’s main focus is assisting Episcopal churches in satisfying strict audit requirements passed by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts in 2006.

These new requirements reflected a significant change in annual financial reporting requirements and exemplified the need for congregations to ensure within reason that they are carrying out the fiduciary responsibility entrusted with them.

Our research has indicated that many of the congregations have never, or rarely, had an audit performed by an independent audit firm. We understand this as a Firm, and as a result, have integrated an educational process into our audits. This has not only assisted our clients in meeting the audit guidelines set forth by the Diocese, but it has also created a comprehensive learning process for our clients as well.

Approach to Attestation Services

Furthermore, in order to perform high quality accounting and reporting services in compliance with professional accounting standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, our firm utilizes the industry standard Guide to Religious Organizations published by Practitioners Publishing Company (PPC) to assist us in designing our audit, review, compilation, and agreed upon procedures processes.

We look forward to an opportunity to speak with your congregation and are confident we can assist you in implementing the processes required to maintain compliance with these rigid guidelines and expectations.